We Are All Patternists

The Patternist Collective offers interactive education and empowerment workshops to lgbtq poc communities around digital wellness and accountability.
We believe that access, education, privacy and free speech are threatened by global surveillance specifically in our digital lives.

We fight for access to tools for our communities to protect themselves and establish secure communications, devices and network access
discussing questions such as; How does the internet work?, Is privacy online really private?

and introducing the world to Digital Wellness.

Past Events

Gather your transformative and revolutionary tools and join us for an intergenerational afternoon of building survivor-led self-determined community safety for ourselves and our neighbors of color in central Brooklyn.

Tools For the Revolution Presentation:

The Patternist Collective had the amazing opportunity to offer a free intro to Digital Wellness Workshop today
Hosted by the amazing Safe Outside the System Collective of The Audre Lorde Project (ALP).
We talked with community culture curators and creatives about making connections and finding resources in the community to support ouselves and keep fighting.
Check out our workshop slides below and let us know if you or your community would be interested in our full workshop.
In solidarity,
The Patternists

Tools for the Rev by The Patternist Collective

Links From the Tools for the Rev Presentation

Below are some links covered in the Tools for the Rev Presentation on May 20th.